30 May 2019

Thought Of The Day

"Why Has Everybody Stopped Talking About Fukushima? 
Is It A Pending Doom That No One Will Talk About? 
Of Have The Pleiadians Already Fixed It?

Peter Hampton, 30th May 2019.

25 May 2019

Higher Self Made My Way

Why do we live?
This questions seems unanswered.
What do you believe?
Arbitrary, yet tethered.

If we examine reality,
A mythos will emerge.
Explaining our spirituality,
Your old understanding might purge.

Why are we three dimensional,
With physical limitations?
We can look to the traditional,
Ole beliefs of civilisation.

Are we in a testing ground,
To see how we handle it?
For life we’re earthbound,
Can we reach the highest summit?

The Answers for me,
Lie in, an understanding of heaven.
No physical body,
Creating separation.

All thoughts between,
All dead, passed people.
Aren’t concealed in this scene,
But love is around and is indispensable.

This is for life healing,
and rest while you, need it.
Then born another seedling,
To live again, soul improve it.

There are higher heavens,
Places of the immortal.
No reincarnations
Nirvana not so flexible.

An enlightened quiet mind,
And pure heart is the requirement.
Mind melding with all kind,
Is the reason for the experiment.

So prepare your soul,
Before you leave this mortal coil.
From teachings of old,
Reaping sowed seeds, from your soil.

Fail in a life, there is no big loss.
Just more reasons to grow.
Another life to live, without emboss,
And Nirvana is the goal, is all you need to know.

24 May 2019

Why The Nanny State Needs A Big Spanking!

You Liberal Arseholes Defile The Word Liberal.
You Are The Complete Opposite Of Liberal.
Look What You Have Done To Sydney.
Everything Is Dead.
Newtown Is Alive.
When Is It Going To Die?
What Next? Defile The Olympic Stadium With Ads?
Oh You Did That Already. Wow
I Guess That Is Why You Want To Tear It Down.
For Some Corporations Crown.
You Are Puppets To The Elite.
Understand The Synesthete?
You Raped Our Town With That Crown.
Now You Want To Tear The Millennium Down.
None Of You Are Happy.
Because We've Been Spanking You The Whole Day.
Wake UP!
Do You Want The Best Ever World Cup.
Leave Us Gays Alone.
You Smashed Our Throne.
Our Drug Taking You Will Condone.
We Will Spake And Spake.
Until You Stop That Elit'E'st Wank.
Give Those Shamans Their Drugs Back.

Thought Of The Day

"Who Is Olivia Denham"

Peter Hampton, 24th May 2019.

Great Quotes From People I Know

"We can heal the world, by understanding all religions and marry them all together. marriage is a special gift from god to bond all of us in love together foreveR"

A Wish By Reeba Seery (Hope From An Athiest).

22 May 2019

The Forbidden History of Ancient China, Caucasian Mummies and Hundreds ...

During The Ice Age Most Of Us Were White. Research Epigenetic Effects.

Higher Self Made My Way

You said I blew it,
You told me suicide was an option.
Yet you knew nothing of the Akashic Record,
Or the higher self location.

Why do you lie?
Beguiling without that loving feeling,
In my head, your thoughts, and emotions are searing.

I hear you walking in my house.
Opening doors, stumbling the stairs.
Opening the security door, and neck hairs.

I’m not the only one.
The stench in the kitchen for three days,
You lost when Jesus came my ways.

That deep gut attachment,
You thought you could fool me,
My future you couldn’t see.

Everything is different, NOW!
That paralysis and dimensional attacks,
You thought your evil stacks.

Risotto for tea,
You thought I’d think you were me.

Filter forever more,
Now I’m open in ways you can’t handle.
And I dust off my sandal.

I know I feel others, like no others.

Been through hell, and I know the smell.

You aren’t taking me to your hell.

You know I now know the light.
With love for God, there is no fight.
You retreat and only know your own evil.

You learnt more about yourself than you did about me.
Your slavery in the guise of being free.
I know I’m not perfect, and I never need to be.

Just go away and think about what you’d be.

Terence McKenna - Who Are We?

Oprah Be My Sacred Cash Cow

Come On Kids, Laugh Like Aussies

You Poor Old Sloth

You Poor Old Sloth
Hidden Under The Cloth
We Miss Used Your Name
We Know Who TO Blame

Lets Play The Re-Appropriation Game

Love Sloth With Heart Instinct
Otherwise He MayBecome Extinct

Say A Prayer To Allah
Let's Love Muzzo Fella

See That Special Spark
To The Heavens Do You Hark
Let That Dog Bark
Stop Kill Shark

Blessed Be
Allah Akbar

Stop The Star Wars
Stop The Babylonian Whores
And The Pointless Wars

Yes The Pleiadies
Those Beautiful Ladies
Don't Go To Hades
Love Those Bogan Tradies

Why I Don't Participate Anymore

I'm Going To Stay In My House, I Think Until Everybody, Is On The Way To Be Saved.
Yes I No Longer Vote, For This Reason.
Please Vote Guys, You All Need A Say.
My Holy Protest For All Of You.

Inspiration From Brian Marshall, John Lennon and Yoko Ono.

Holy Hymns From The Heart Piano

For All Those That Are Suffering

Alien Dreamtime - Space Time Continuum with Terence McKenna

Thought Of The Day?

"Who is keanu reeveS"

Peter Hampton, 22nd Of May 2019

Thought Of The Day

"Why Has Everybody Stopped Talking About Fukushima?  Is It A Pending Doom That No One Will Talk About?  Of Have The Pleiadians Alr...

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